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The Second World War 1939-1945

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The Brothers of  Brynddu

by Mr Robert Williams

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William Williams, Pensarn

Owen Owen, Brynhidil

Luke Backhouse, Penrallt

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William Williams, Pensarn

William William's grave

 Ebenezer cementary showing location of grave

Jean Jones, Calfaria can remember the funeral as it was quite out of the ordinary to witness a military funeral with shots being fired.

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Owen Owen, Brynhidil

Owen Owen who was killed in the First World War was his uncle.

Jean Jones, Calfaria knew him and informed us that he was a farmhand at Penygroes Arthur with Morris Williams when he was called up and he really didn't want to go.

 Jean Jones also told us that when they were young and used to go into the village to play she was afraid to go past Pen Bont as there was talk of ghosts there but Owen Owen used to walk past the house with her- she said that he was a very kind and gentle boy.

Owen Owen

His Death Certificate - a railway accident,the train was blown up.

Owen Owen's home, Brynhidil

Beja Cementary, Tunisia where he was buried

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Luke Backhouse, Penrallt

He was an Accountant and was working in Liverpool when he was called up.

According to his letters he had been ill for quite a long time. A letter dated 5th December, 1943 was sent from a hospital in Johannesberg , then a letter dated 1st April, 1944 from the same address. By 19th May, 1945 he was dead but there are no details of his illness and it is quite obvious that he did not want to tell his parents.

Luke Backhouse

Christmas dinner in Egypt

Luke Backhouse's School Certificate from Llangefni 'County School'

A Christmas Card from Egypt to the family

A letter from Luke to his family, November 1942

A letter from Luke to his family, December 1943

A letter from Luke to his family, April 1944

A sympathy letter from Buckingham Palace

Bedd Luke Backhouse yn Johannesberg

Cartref  Luke Backhouse- Penrallt

 Luke Backhouse's grave in Johannesberg

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