Cymdeithas Hanes Mechell



Cegin Filwr

Anglesey Trading Company


Brynddu and  the


The Church

John Elias

Ffair Mechell

Maes Mawr



The Gallery

Sir Owen Thomas

The Meddanen

and Wygyr

William Jones,


Fortunatus Wright,


Jones the  Crown

Llanfechell Memorial

Llanfechell Chapels

Crop Marks at Carrog

Place Names

Robert Williams, Deacon

The Post Office

Gweirydd ap Rhys

The Demography of Llanfechell 1851 & 1901

Llanfechell Cemetery

William Bulkeley and the poor of Llanfechell

Maureen’s Family Tree

Llanfechell in the early 19th Century

Mona Marble , Maes Mawr, Llanfechell

with thanks to Mrs Eluned Jones, Maes Mawr

The Old farmhouse at Maes Mawr

The story is connected to Maes Mawr Farm, Llanfechell, and dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century

What is ‘Mona Marble’?

Definition: An ophicalcite from the metamorphic series of the Isle of Anglesey

Appearance: When polished, look like marble.

Where is the evidence?                


In the walls  Some have stood              for a long time

********************************************************* *

Some have been rebuilt or raised during the last few years  by Bryn Owen, who works on the farm

********************************************************* *

An old doorstep

Around the old house- by the old water pump        

A map from 1891, seen on shows the existence of a quarry on the land at Maes Mawr, between the farmhouse and Ebenezer chapel.  

The old quarry as it looks today

There are two types of the rock. Here are photographs of large boulders found on the surface today.     




References are made in documents like the ‘National Gazetteer 1868’ and

‘A Topographical Dictionary of Wales, Samuel Lewis, 1833’ that mention Llanvechell, Llanbadrig a Cemmes (Cemmaes). The rock is described as ‘serpentine’ and ‘verd antique’

 There is also mention of sites at Rhoscolyn, Penrhosligwy and Llandyfrydog.

What is George Bullock’s connection with the story?

Much information was gained about him, and his connection with Maes Mawr from Clive Wainwright, Lucy Wood and Timothy Stevens, seen in a book named  ‘George Bullock, Cabinet Maker’, John Murray,(Publishers) Ltd, in association with H. Blairman & Sons Ltd, London, 1988.

We are indebted to the late Sir Kyffin Williams for taking such an interest in the history of Mona Marble, and arranging for representatives from the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside and others to visit Maes Mawr over the last twenty years.

What remains of his work today?


                The Art Fund                  

             V + A Purchase Grant Fund        

Speke Hall, Liverpool

Photographs by courtesy of the National Trust

Penrhyn Castle

( Penrhyn Castle, National Trust, Centurion Press Ltd, London, 1991)


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