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with thanks to the Headteacher  and senior pupils of the school

The Beginning

The 1930s

Tha 1940s

The 1950s

 The 1960s and 1970s


When did education begin in Llanfechell and why?

Who were the Headteachers?

What did the children play?

What was taught?

Were the children punished?

What will the school of the future be like?

What were the buildings like?

Where did we look for information?

The Beginning

Extracts from a talk by the Rev. Emlyn Richards

Dyfyniadau o ddarlith y Parch Emlyn Richards

‘Richard Gwynne of Rhydygroes in the Parish of Llanfechell left a smallholding called Nantglyn in his will of 1723 so that the poor children of the parish would benefit from an education in a school in the village of Llanfechell.

It was recorded in Llanfechell School that they were without a Headteacher and were unable to get one...

In 1716, Griffith Jones became the vicar of Llanddowror and the first circulating school began. These schools used the Welsh language as a medium of learning.

Griffith Jones appealed to the SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge) for copies of the Welsh Bible.

He was a genius and he made sure that education was spread to all parts of Wales



There were three types of schools in existence in Wales during the eighteenth century

The Sunday School

The Charity School

The Private School

The first school in Llanfechell opened in 1844. It was a 'Charity School'    

Llanfechell Primary School

Llanfechell Primary School 1907-1971

An extract from the late Mrs. E. Williams' schoolbook (Tan Rallt, Mynydd Mechell) who was a pupil at the Charity School and the Primary School. The book dates from 18/9/1907 – 11/7/1908.

     Thanks to Florence Jones, Bryn Mechell, Holyhead for lending the book to the Mechell Archives



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The 1930ies

Some class photographs

One of the pupils of the 30ies- Jean Calfaria

Mrs Jean Jones, Calfaria

 Jean Jones' School Reports

yn ôl i frig y dudalen


The 1940ies

Some class photographs from the 40ies

The Headmaster, Mr E.G. Roberts

Mr E G Roberts and his wife Annie

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The 1950ies

Some class photographs from the 50ies

The Kitchen

Kitchen staff

Mrs Griffiths, The Cook

Iola Margaret Richardson's School Report, Standard 1 in 1952

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Mr Richard Jones Headmaster of Ysgol Llanfechell 1955 - 1969


Some recollections of Mrs. Lewis, Carreglefn (Teacher at the school during  Mr. Richard Jones’ Headship)

By the sixties the interest of the individual became prominent and there was a more open and informal relationship between the teacher and pupil.

There was very little space for the younger pupils in the Old School and in the Caravan (the children’s name for it) to implement the new system and it was marvellous to move into a bright and cheerful classroom in the new school.

There was a carpeted ‘home corner’, an electric fire, book shelves, a television and a piano.

When I started in Llanfechell Mr Richard Jones was the Headteacher and Mrs Ceridwen Owen taught the ‘middle class’…

When Mr Jones moved on to Amlwch Primary School, Mr Gwynfor Roberts was appointed as Headteacher. With the sudden death of Mrs Owen, Miss Beti Aubrey came to the school and before long Mr Alwyn Roberts..

Mrs Mair Pritchard and Mrs Owen Wern were the cooks and later on Mrs Maureen Jones and Mrs Beryl Jones. They were all very able cooks who took great care of the children – preparing packed lunches for school trips; made pudding with the blackberries collected by the children etc…

Because of the excellent preparations, Christmas was great. There was a Christmas dinner and party. In the autumn the teachers would visit Webbs in Llanfair to buy presents and the children really looked forward to the dinner, the party and Father Christmas’ visit.

The children played hide and seek, skipping, tic, hop scotch, played ball with everyone getting along with each other..    

There was no problem with discipline and absenteeism..

In the old system the children sat, listened and said nothing. It’s a good thing that nowadays expressing ideas and opinions and discovering for themselves, leading to a natural enthusiasm are now part of the daily system.  

  (Original available at Mechell Archives)


Rhai o luniau'r cyfnod

I started teaching in the ‘Old School’ but because of its poor condition lessons were held in mobile classrooms and work began on the new building which opened in 1971.

For some years there was a gradual change in the methods of teaching. The heavy old desks made of wood and iron, which were impossible to move, were thrown out. They were gradually replaced by lighter tables and chairs, easy to move with plenty of room for the children to move around them, searching and asking questions.


Christmas in the 60ies and 70ies

Mrs Glenys Jones, widow of the late Mr Richard Jones was asked about the origin of the ‘wall’ of presents. She said that Mr Jones remembered the time when he was a child, walking from Llanfachraeth to Llanfwrog at Christmas time for a ‘Christmas Tree’ evening. On entering, everyone received a raffle ticket that matched a present mounted on the wall of the building. It was a memorable event for the children of the time. Mr Jones used the idea at Llanfechell School by giving each pupil a piece of paper on which they would write  their wish for a Christmas present. Each pupil then received a raffle ticket which they had to look after until the day of the Christmas party. After enjoying their party followed by games the teachers would uncover the wall of presents and the children were able to look for their special number. Father Christmas would call round to help share out the presents.  


Recollections of some former pupils

Mrs Marian Roberts

Mrs Roberts said that the day of the Christmas was the best day of the year. No lessons. Everyone in the Infants during the morning looking at films and cartoons. Everyone had received a raffle ticket to get a present. The greatest worry was losing the ticket and not getting a present. Mrs Roberts remembers putting it in her shoe one year because she didn’t have a pocket. Then across the yard to the canteen for the Christmas dinner, a turkey and all the trimmings. The canteen staff would have hidden a sixpenny piece in the pudding and everyone tried their best to find it. After dinner everyone went to Mr Jones and Mrs Owen’s class. The two classes were opened out to make one large one. She remembers a wall covered with presents with a ticket attached to each one. Games all afternoon, ,’musical chairs’ and borrowing Mrs Owen’s scarf  to wrap around our eyes and then trying to recognise other children. She remembers the ‘flour game’- a mountain of flour on a tray with a tangerine on top. We would try and ‘cut’ the flour with a knife as close as we could get to the tangerine without it falling down. If it fell the child would have to pick it up by mouth. At the end of the afternoon Father Christmas would share out the presents as Mr Jones called out the raffle ticket number.

Mrs Elaine Williams and daughter, Morfydd  

Mrs Elaine Rowlands loved coming to Ysgol Llanfechell with the excitement of preparing for Christmas fresh in her mind. There was a fantastic Christmas party with a Christmas tree, Father Christmas and, of course a present. Her daughter, Morfydd remembers making a Christmas card with rubber stamps. She also remembers an excellent Christmas dinner followed by a special chocolate pudding with sweet chocolate sauce poured all over it. One of her first memories is of being the partner of the famous Robin McBryde at a Christmas party.


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Photographs from the 60ies and 70ies

Education in Llanfechell

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