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‘‘Names of old houses in Llanfechell and Mynydd Mechell that are now derelict'

List written in 1968 by Mrs Florence Jones, formerly of Tan Rallt.

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Tŷ Lawr –on land at Penllidiart, between Gadlas and Carregdrosffordd

Cegin Filwr – on land at  Penllidiart by a house at Melin Fechell

Pen Singrig – on land at Melin Fechell, near the Water Mill

Rorsedd Ddail – on land at Bryn Ffynnon

Tanffordd –  where Bron Mynydd is now

Minffordd – near Bryn Teg, Rhosyn Mynydd and                    Calfaria Chapel

Hafn Miched – between Bryn Du and Bryn Awel

 Pengraig  Ogof – on the road towards Bryn  Awel

Tŷ Main Uchaf ( Brynhyfryd) –between Bryn Gors                                                 and Refail Newydd

Babell – on land at Tŷ Hen on the way to Llanfflewyn

Rengan Las – on land at Ucheldref Goed on the way  to Llanddeusant near Twll Clawdd

Gate House  - on land at Llanfflewyn

Glan Llyn – on land at Tŷ Hen near Pant yr Eirin

(A new house called Glanllyn has been built near the old shop and Post Office at Penllyn)

Broc y Tol – where Glan Aber and Preswylfa are today                     (Brockett Hall originally)

Tyddyn Frothen – on land at Glan Gors between                             Rhosbach and Cae Main

Cockareli – on land at Plas Mynydd by Meirionfa, nearer                   to the boundary Y Rallt

Hendy – on land at Plas Mynydd, close to Meirionfa

Pont y ffridd  - on land at Cefn Coch by the gate to Plas                          Brain after Penygroes (on the site where                           Glanrafon stood previously)

                        (A new house was built here in the 1980’s)

Fferam Wyllt –  on land at Cefn Coch on the road between                          Cemaes and Valley

                         (A new house called White House was built                           here in the late 1960’s)

Elusendy  -(Alms House)- three houses belonging to the churches at  Llanfechell, Llanbadrig and Llandrygarn on the road leading to Penffordd

( a new bungalow was built near in the early 1980’s)


Tŷ’n Giat ( Fwlbi), Tŷ’n Gamdda a Bodorgan -three other houses on land  Hen Blas

(one house on the site today)

Cerrig Mân – on land at Bwlch (new                      bungalow on the site now)

Rhospill –by the junction towards Cefn               Roger to Carreglefn

Tin Craig – on the way pass Glegyrog Blas on land at Glegyrog Ganol

Reference on the Brynddu estate maps at 7 Cae Tin Craig at Pentre Heilin, (Pentre Heulyn today)

Ty’n Pwll –a small cottage on Mountain Road, adjacent to J. Parry and Hughes yard  

(The children of the village would be scared to pass the building on their way to school, because the undertaker would store coffins in it!)


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